Munsons at the Movies

Ep. 45 - David Spade (feat. Dan Craig)

September 23, 2021

Welcome to the Munsons at the Movies Podcast. Each episode we delve into the filmography and impact of a randomly selected actor.

In this episode, we explore the career of David Spade. Best known for his roles as Joe Dirt (2001), Richard in Tommy Boy (1995), and his 79 episodes on Saturday Night Live (1990-2010), Spade has cornered the market on playing sarcastic wiseguys throughout his career. Joined once again by Dan Craig, we discuss Spade's awful box office performance, his surprising run of cameos on prominent television shows, try to guess how many films James couldn't finish, and argue about whether movies like The Wrong Missy are terrible or not. Where does Spade's career rank on the Munson Meter? Listen to find out.

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