Munsons at the Movies

Ep. 51 - Dennis Haysbert (feat. Cam Sully)

December 16, 2021

Welcome to the Munsons at the Movies podcast. Each episode we delve into the filmography and impact of a randomly selected actor.

In this episode, we explore the career of Dennis Haysbert. Best known for his roles as Pedro Cerrano in Major League (1989), President Palmer in 24 (2001-07), and the guy in the Allstate Commercials (2004-present), Haysbert has one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood. Joined once again by cult film extraordinaire, Cam Sully of the Jacked Up Review Show Podcast, we discuss Haysbert’s various athletic abilities, his propensity to play authority figures throughout his career, his weird connections to Kanye West & Denzel Washington, and we create the definitive top Dennis Haysbert roles list the world needed. Where does Haysbert rank on the Munson Meter? Listen to find out.

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